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Website Redesign

Our aim is simple: to transform outdated, difficult-to-navigate, or underperforming websites into powerful marketing tools that deliver measurable results for your business.

From custom design solutions to mobile responsiveness and SEO optimization, we’re committed to delivering websites that not only look great but also achieve your business goals. Join countless satisfied clients who’ve entrusted us to breathe new life into their online presence and take their businesses to new heights.

Ready to revitalize your website and stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape? Contact us today to learn more about website redesign services and how they can help achieve your goals.


Meta Advertising

Meta Advertising, encompassing the powerful networks of Facebook and Instagram, offers a dynamic platform for reaching diverse audiences through highly personalized ad experiences. Its sophisticated targeting capabilities enable advertisers to tailor their messages based on user demographics, interests, behaviors, and even connections, ensuring the content resonates with the intended audience. The versatility of ad formats, from traditional image and video ads to immersive stories and interactive carousel ads, allows for creative and engaging storytelling. Meta’s robust analytics tools provide deep insights into ad performance, audience engagement, and conversion tracking, making it a critical tool for businesses aiming to build brand awareness, foster community engagement, and drive sales in the social media landscape.

Google Ads Management

Google Advertising stands at the forefront of digital marketing, offering unparalleled reach and versatility. It enables businesses to appear prominently in Google search results, directly targeting potential customers actively searching for related products or services. This pay-per-click (PPC) model ensures that you pay only for engagement, making it a cost-effective solution. Beyond search, Google’s vast Display Network allows for visually striking ads across a myriad of websites, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. The platform’s detailed analytics and keyword insights provide invaluable data for optimizing campaigns, ensuring that your advertising efforts are not only seen but also resonate with the intended audience. Google Advertising is a powerful tool for driving website traffic, increasing sales, and building a strong online presence.

Linkedin Advertising B2B

LinkedIn Advertising harnesses the platform’s professional network to offer unparalleled B2B marketing opportunities. Its targeting capabilities allow precise outreach based on job titles, industries, and company sizes, ensuring your message reaches key decision-makers and industry influencers. With ad formats like sponsored content and InMail, LinkedIn empowers businesses to create tailored, engaging campaigns that resonate with a professional audience. Coupled with robust analytics for real-time performance tracking, LinkedIn advertising is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to amplify brand presence, generate leads, and drive meaningful professional engagements.

Creatives + Copy

In the realm of digital advertising, the power of creatives and copy cannot be overstated. They are the heart and soul of your campaign, determining its resonance and impact. Effective creatives – be it images, videos, or interactive media – capture attention and evoke emotion, while compelling copy communicates your message clearly and persuasively. This synergy of visual and textual elements is crucial in creating an engaging narrative that not only reflects your brand’s identity but also speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of your audience. Crafting these elements requires a deep understanding of your target market, a creative flair that stands out in crowded digital spaces, and a clear, consistent tone that aligns with your overall branding strategy. Whether it’s for Google, Meta, or LinkedIn, the right combination of creatives and copy can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, driving higher engagement, better conversion rates, and a stronger brand connection.

Social Engagement

Everybody wants a “community” out of their socials. It’s like a big popularity contest. DM;s are where the party is at. Reaching out and “networking” is key to getting noticed. But who has time for all that??

Not someone trying to grow a business and have a life. That’s why it’s worth outsourcing. I get to know your business so well that I can reply in your tone of voice. I always reply within a few hours – 24 hours. I also take the time to reach out to other communities in your industry and potential customers. 

Every case is different. This is the kind of thing we chat about in the inital chat. 


Anayltics & Reports

In digital advertising, analytics and reports are indispensable tools for measuring success and guiding strategy. They provide a window into the performance of your campaigns, offering detailed insights into metrics such as reach, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI. These data-driven reports enable advertisers to understand precisely how audiences interact with their ads, identifying what resonates and what needs refinement. This level of analysis is crucial for continuous optimization, allowing for adjustments in real-time to enhance campaign effectiveness. Analytics also play a vital role in demonstrating the tangible value of advertising efforts to stakeholders, showcasing a clear linkage between ad spend and business outcomes. Whether it’s tracking user behavior on Google, engagement trends on Meta, or lead generation on LinkedIn, robust analytics and comprehensive reporting are the cornerstones of informed decision-making and strategic planning in online advertising.

You’re here because you’re curious about the power of Social Media. Rightly so! You could be missing out on a big chunk of potential business. If you have questions, I have answers….

Who is digiXcentric?

Hi there, My name is Rebecca. I’m an eccentric digital marketing specialist and graphic designer who has gone rouge from the corporate world.

I have a passion for great design, strategic marketing and building your business!

After working in agencies and in-house I knew there was a gap in the market that I could fulfil.  It was called “caring”.

If you would like to work with a designer and top notch creative marketer who wants your business to excel… you’ve found her.

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