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Hello, my name is Rebecca.
I’m a Digital All-Rounder; A Visionary Creative Business Strategist.


My career began in the vibrant world of graphic design, fueled by a deep passion for creativity and technology. After studying graphic design, I worked in agencies both in Sydney and London, immersing myself in the art of visual communication. Early in my journey, I anticipated the pivotal shift from print to digital media. This foresight led me to self-learn web design and coding, eventually falling in love with WordPress and the craft of building websites.

However, as my career as a graphic and web designer evolved, I discovered my true passion lay in the realm of ideas—helping businesses flourish through creative and strategic thinking. My venture into digital marketing was driven by side projects, where I self-educated in all its facets and started applying my knowledge in agency roles.

Over time, I realized my aspiration went beyond agency work. I yearned for a more personal connection with my clients, to fully invest in their success and see their businesses thrive. This realization sparked my transition to freelancing, where I now have the freedom to dedicate my care and expertise to empower clients on a one-on-one basis.

Why Work With Me


No Contract

Enjoy the freedom of no-contract services with me. I believe in earning your business every month, offering flexibility and confidence without the need for long-term commitments. This approach allows me to focus on delivering results that speak for themselves.


Engage a go-top digital marketer

Partner with your go-to digital marketing expert. I provide not just services but a dedicated partnership, becoming an extension of your team. This means having someone who understands your market and goals intimately, ready to navigate the digital landscape on your behalf.


Comprehensive Services

Access a full spectrum of services with me. From Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to email marketing, graphic design, and website modifications, I offer comprehensive services to cover all your marketing needs under one roof.



You’re not paying for a swanky office or the fluff that comes with an agency setup. I believe in providing affordable services for businesses of all sizes, focusing on delivering value and quality without the unnecessary overhead.



Crafting your success with tailored strategies. I dive into your brand’s essence to develop a focused approach that aligns with your goals, ensuring impactful and efficient marketing. My strategic roadmap is your path to digital prominence.


Clear Communication

Expect 100% transparency with me. You’ll have access to a dashboard showing tasks in progress, completed, and tracked, so you can always see the progression of our work together.


Creative and Innovative Solutions

Set your brand apart with my creative and innovative advertising content. I specialize in crafting unique, engaging content that captures attention and distinguishes your brand in the crowded online space.


Work With A Human Who Cares

I’m deeply passionate about helping you achieve and experience success and growth. Understanding the significance of a dream, I also recognize the transformative power of marketing in realizing those aspirations. By working one-on-one with me, we can turn your vision into reality.


Up-to-Date Techniques

Digital marketing is always evolving, and so am I. Staying ahead in the fast-evolving digital marketing landscape, my up-to-date techniques and continuous adaptation to the latest trends ensure your campaigns remain cutting-edge and effective.


Personalised Service

Experience dedicated support tailored to your needs. My commitment to personalized service means you have a partner in your advertising journey, with open lines of communication every step of the way.


Adaptability and Flexibility

In a dynamic market, the ability to adapt and pivot is crucial. I bring an agile approach to digital marketing, ensuring that strategies and campaigns can be quickly adjusted to meet changing market conditions and your evolving business needs.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging the latest analytics tools and methodologies, I base strategies and optimizations on solid data. This ensures that every decision made is aimed at enhancing performance, maximizing ROI, and driving growth for your brand.

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