Social Media Management

Boost Your Brand: Masterful Social Media Management

Allow me to elevate your brand’s social media footprint, fostering enduring engagement, dynamic growth, and seamless interaction with your community.

Social Media Management

I manage and ensure that your social media is working for you. Growing your following by consistently posting and appearing in searches or being tagged by potential customers. Keeping your brand consistent. Showing up where you need to show up.

Influencer Management

Like it or not, influencers are the fuel behind gaining followers. This doesn’t mean you need the budget to hire the Kardashians to promote you. Our influencer management service if all about finding the right influencers for your brand and working with them and you to promote you.

Content Creation & Captivating Captions

Content creation to suit any and all needs. My background is in graphic design which means I can create static images, edit videos, create gifs and more – all to brand. We can either use your current images/videos or for an extra fee we can arrange a professional videographer or photographer. Either way all content creation idea and creation, you no longer have to think about. 

Captions are all created with engaging and converting copywriting. 


Social Strategy & Audit

When we start working together, I perform a social media audit. This includes a review of your metrics, assessing growth opportunities and an industry audit. 

The social media audit leads way to creating a strategy or plan of action. We will outline goals and tactics to achieve them. I will also set KPIS and plan which metrics we want to focus on. 


Social Engagement

Everybody wants a “community” out of their socials. It’s like a big popularity contest. DM;s are where the party is at. Reaching out and “networking” is key to getting noticed. But who has time for all that??

Not someone trying to grow a business and have a life. That’s why it’s worth outsourcing. I get to know your business so well that I can reply in your tone of voice. I always reply within a few hours – 24 hours. I also take the time to reach out to other communities in your industry and potential customers. 

Every case is different. This is the kind of thing we chat about in the inital chat. 


Anayltics & Reports

The key to social media growth is knowing where you are and where you want to be. Keeping track of your accounts and engagement and how much of the social media efforts turn into customers, conversions, leads etc. 

I provide insights into your audience which helps you understand how to better reach them. I also work with your websites Analytics to inform you how much of your traffic is from social


Reasons to work with you on your social media mangement


No Contract

Cancel anytime. I strongly believe in being ROI-Driven. If you’re not happy then I’m not happy.


Combine with Facebook and Instagram Advertising

If you’re ready to put some money behind your product or services, I combine my services and offer 20% discount.


Graphic design background

My graphic design background means I can harness more than just Canva. I can expertly edit your photos and create witha. design eye.


Professional photo editing

Filters can only take you so far. I come with a professional design eye that will crop, enhance and create filters for you needs


Grid designs

Making your account look great + bringing in your branding + bulking out your content with creativity and making it look professional


Ensure you're relevancy to your audience

With a well thought our strategy means you are not wasting your time creating content that isn’t hitting the right people with the right content. 


Regular Reports

Easy to understand reports on your growth and engagement


Video editing

Using professional Adobe Premiere Pro to create high end videos from your footage


Professional services

We work with professional videographers and photographers near you. (Extra fee involved)


100% transparency

Communication is key. We communicate through slack and keep you up to date with what work is being done through Clickup. 


Work With A Human Who Cares

I’m passionate about helping you reach and feel success and growth. I know how important a dream is and I know the power of marketing to make that happen. Work one-on-one with me to make that happen. 


All Your Digital Tasks Delivered

Being a digital marketing all-rounder means I have more than just Google Ads in my tool belt. My history of Graphic and Web design, as well as all-round digital marketing, means that I will be able to help your business with other areas of marketing if need-be.

You’re here because you’re curious about the power of Social Media. Rightly so! You could be missing out on a big chunk of potential business. If you have questions, I have answers….

Who is digiXcentric?

Hi there, My name is Rebecca. I’m an eccentric digital marketing specialist and graphic designer who has gone rouge from the corporate world.

I have a passion for great design, strategic marketing and building your business!

After working in agencies and in-house I knew there was a gap in the market that I could fulfil.  It was called “caring”.

If you would like to work with a designer and top notch creative marketer who wants your business to excel… you’ve found her.

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