Hi, I’m Bec. 

I’m a freelancer.

I’m a digital allrounder.

Let’s talk about your business…

I work in...
Digital marketing strategy Web Design Graphic Design Social Media Advertising Google Ads SEO Email Marketing

“Engaging Bec as my Creative Business Strategist Took my Business From where it was, to where I wanted it to be.”

Website Creation

Bring your business to the NEXT LEVEL with a custom, unique and purposeful website.

Graphic Design

Our Xcentric designs will guarantee the scroll-stopping, break-hitting, attention-grabbing madness that you need to succeed.

Digital Marketing

Grow your sales, traffic, revenue, brand or audience with full service digital marketing from ideas to execution. 

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

From ad creation to targeting and optimization, I’ll help you get the most out of your ad spend and maximize your ROI.

Linkedin Advertising

The best way to reach your B2B audience. Get in front of professionals

Google Advertising

Taking your audience and turning your social media into something they can’t turn away from.

Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Sales funnels and landing pages guide potential customers through the buying journey and convert them into paying customers.


Search Engine Optimisation

Consider SEO the road map to your shop front. Your megaphone above the crowd. I’ll help you navigate the world of SEO.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using data-driven insights and testing methodologies, I’ll identify areas for improvement and implement changes that lead to better user engagement and increased conversions. 



Content Creation

A comprehensive strategy builds trust and credibility over time, and creates loyal customers who can’t get enough of your content.



Email Marketing

Email is not dead! With over 4 billion email users worldwide, it remains one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience.


Social Media Management

With a strategic approach, I’ll take your audience engagement to new heights, turning your social media into an irresistible hub for your followers. 

What makes me different from an agency or other freelancer?

What can I say, I’m a catch!

Jokes aside my fundamental difference is my wide array of design and marketing skills and my quick no fuss get the job done ability.

An agency will charge you four times what I charge. They have overheads. They have their Friday drinks, award ceremonys, fancy powerpoint presentations and all that jazz. You may well get great results but you better have the budget for it. 

There is also that potential that they are not a great agency and you’re just going to be filled with fluff. 

Another Freelance… also a good option… but can they do everything I can do. Can you use them for advertising campaigns and SEO? Can they build you a website, and help you market it? Can they be your go-to for EVERYTHING marketing?




A marketing partner that listens, takes interest, understands, goes that extra mile and isn’t afraid to dream BIG with you.

If you want something done right, do it with digiXcentric.